Where It All Began

On Wednesday evening, February 28, 1940 a group of women of Geneva, Illinois met at the ___ house for the purpose of forming a Young Mother’s Club. At 8:15 the meeting was called to order by Mrs. Ruth Davis who welcomed the ladies present. On motion of Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Marcella Fuller was chosen chairman. Mrs. Paul R. was chosen secretary. Mrs. Berniece Nelson then stated the object of the meeting.

The speakers of the meeting, all members of the Young Mother’s Study Club of Batavia, Illinois, were Mrs. Margaret Benson who spoke on the objective of such a club; Mrs. Laura S. who discussed the constitution and bylaws and other technical questions of organization; Mrs. Ruth Kraft who told about the philanthropic work done by the club; and Mrs. Ruth Nelson who talked about the programs and program arrangements of their club. Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Benson then sang their club song. An informal discussion followed.

It was then decided that the next meeting of the group would be held March, 11 at the home of Mrs. Ruth McDermott, 228 Logan Avenue, with Mrs. Marvin A. and Mrs. F. Armstrong assisting.

By motion of Mrs. Frances Hickey the following resolution was adopted.

Resolved, that at this meeting a Young Mothers Club of Geneva, Illinois be founded.

The Geneva History Museum has some archives of the early days of the Geneva Women’s Club.  

The image above shows one of the founding documents for GWC. The document was written on a kitchen table circa 1940.

Thank you to the Geneva History Museum for preserving GWC history.